Bloodstone, which is also known as heliotrope, is a variety of the mineral Jasper. There are two types of bloodstone; the plasma and the heliotrope.

Plasma is deep green and opaque with little or no red in it and Heliotrope is transparent and famous for its beautiful display of red patches on the stones dark green surface, giving the appearance of blood, inspiring the the semi-precious stones name.

The “blood spots” displayed on bloodstones can be very diverse. On some bloodstones the spots may be very sparse and far between or they may be very dense and entwined. In addition, on some bloodstones you may find the red markings coming in the form of stripes or ‘veins;’. Although the red patches are usually the most desired.

Bloodstone represents the zodiac sign, Aries, and those born in March. It symbolises confidence, courage, adventure, enthusiasm and quick-wit. The stone is also said to be a symbol of justice.

The semi-precious gemstone is thought to increase mental clarity and aid in decision-making to those to wearer or carrier. It’s also believed that it helps stimulate dreaming and heightens intuition.

Other qualities of bloodstone include its capability to increase creativity and its protection against both verbal and physical threats or bullies and its ability to increase courage. It is believed that sewing a small Bloodstone in the coat or another garment of a child or teenager who is being bullied will help protect the child and increase his or her courage and confidence.